#ForeverDuncan X Shields of Strength 


#ForeverDuncan has partnered with the faith-based jewelry & merchandise brand Shields of Strength

Shields of Strength has been a part of the #ForeverDuncan story since before Alfred & Sherrell officially started dating. When Sherrell began her weightloss journey, she purchased the infamous barbell necklace shown in their wedding day photo above to signify the beginning of her healthy new life as well as a rekindled relationship with Christ. Each piece of Shields of Strength (SOS) jewelry has a bible verse inscribed on it. 

We are honored to partner with Shields of Strength to spread the word of God. Stay connected with the Duncan's on social media, as they will be placing SOS jewelry around the country as they visit different cities. Look for the clues to locate your very own Shields of Strength necklace. If you would like to learn more or purchase any merchandise, by Shields of Strength, endorsed by #ForeverDuncan, click the link below.