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Alfred and Sherrell Duncan of Forever Duncan portrays older, amplified versions of themselves (Alfort and Sheryl) taking a relatable and comedic look at multiple elements of a relationship. The play touches on seven topics: finances, honesty, trust, celibacy, blended families, communication and of course, love.

Split up into seven scenes, each scene provides pivotal insight on each topic. In between each scene, a video airs featuring Prominent Public Figures who further explains the significance of each subject each scene covers.

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On October 1st, 2016, Alfred Duncan to his girlfriend at 11am and surprised her with a wedding at 6pm. He accomplished the "impossible" by planning a surprise wedding complete with a pamper day for Sherrell, a custom-made gown and a beautiful ceremony with over 300 of their closest friends and family. 

Sharing updates of the special day using hashtag #ForeverDuncan, social media users across the world engaged and watched the real life fairytale unfold. Before the day was over, Alfred and Sherrell had become internet sensations and thier sensationalism has been sustained. 

Shortly after getting married, they authored books. Sherrell released God Made Me Wait, and Alfred released Man Up-Lifting.

Now, multiple years later, they've launched multiple successful individual and joint ventures. 

They're currently co-hosting their podcast Friends Who Smash. Sherrell is touring the county healing, revitalizing and empowering Women with her Dear Self Brunch. Alfred is creating safe-spaces for Men to be open and honest about the challenges of manhood with his Man-Uplifting Group. More recently, The Duncans co-wrote, produced and stars in their very own stage play titled Views From Forever. They are gearing up to tour this stage play across the United States




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